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Family Photo Day

What ya'll may not know about me is that I am the oldest of 5 cousins and when I say oldest, I mean by a whopping 15 years. Yes....I had 15 years to myself until the little ones invaded my space came along, but I learned to share and I love them to death.

This weekend I had the opportunity to photograph the 3 youngest. It was a long day of photo taking and traveling and I am sure that the kids won’t disagree. By the time we reached Stone Mountain, the youngest, Kai said "No more pictures already." I guess 5 hours of photographing can get tiresome, but I am very appreciative that they gave me their all during those 5 hours.

We traveled to a local park near the house called Freemans Mill where the majority of the pictures took place. We then headed off to Stone Mountain for some fun in the sun and a $38 train ride that lasted all of 23 minutes. The kids probably would have had more of an adventure with me piggy backing them up and down the mountain, but what can you do. The important part is that we got the chance to hang out as a family and we all had a great time.

Below are a few pictures from the day’s adventure:

Picture 250

The brothers...Old Navy sign us up! We are better than those mannequins! LOL

Picture 492_edited-1

Cousin Bria with her daddy

Picture 201

My favorite shot of Bria from the day

Picture 262

Can you believe that a talent agent once told these kids that they weren't ready to model yet? Who is he kidding? Clearly the kids aren't the issue. What do you think?

Picture 269

Bria's colors were so vibrant. I loved it!

Picture 311

My favorite shot of Kai from the day.

Picture 272

"We're naturals at this."

Picture 487


Picture 420

The kids with Auntie Lynn at Stone Mountain

Picture 365

Some good old fashioned fun in the sun

Picture 366

Ain't no mountain high enough honey!


As you can see the day wore them out- love this shot

Hungry? Why Wait?

The boy may have been tired, but that doesn’t stop him from eating. He downed a complete double cheese burger meal from McDonalds by HIMSELF! WOW is all I can say.

Had a great day shooting and learning more about myself as a photographer. I definitely have a lot more to learn, but with each life's lesson I am improving more and more as a photographer and a person.
Cheers to that!


Johnna Davis said...

wow...I never knew photography was your passion! After looking at all your work so far...all i have to say is WOW! you do a really really good job and are very creative! I would defintely hire you ;)

Whoever told your cousins they cant model...must not know what modeling is! LOL

keep up the GREAT work!

Ruby said...

Your cousins are adorable! the boys look like they could be twins. I know ur just starting out, but i love you work, and i enjoy keeping up with ur blogs hence my subscriptions to blogger (with no intention to blogg) and flickr (with no intentions to post). Usually on those sites the stories are cool and interesting but the people are strangers. Youre awesome and keep up the good work! ill be watching...

elizabeth said...

Beautiful shots! Love the first one...they look like they are about to laugh at something you were going to say. Great work!

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