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Getting Aquainted

Well as most of you know.....I got Nikki (my Nikon) earlier this week. It's been a busy week with work and all, but I had to squeeze in some time to take a few pics. I have a couple of test sessions that I am doing this weekend and I want to get aquainted with my camera as much as possible.

There are so many places to shoot out where I live, so I decided to drive around and take some pics of an old barn that I love as well as some horses. The barn pics were taken from my car on the side of the road, for I feared that I would be shot for trespassng lol. I was successful in this effort. I think that I was most amazed when I shot the horses. As soon as they saw me standing by the fence with my camera, the horses (both sets and both locations) came right up to me. I think I was more scared of the horses than they were of me. I hope to be able to shoot them again. They are really smart and amazing animals. That concluded my shooting for the day. I only had so much time to shoot after work before the sun set.

In the coming days and weeks I plan to begin two new projects. Those projects are i heart faces and project 365. I heart faces is a blog that gives photographers a weekly assignment and the photographers are to complete the assignment and submit their picture for judging. While it would be an honor to win something, my main focus is to use these assignments as tools to help me sharpen my photography skills. Project 365 is a project that consists of photographers taking a picture every single day for an entire year. It doesnt matter what the pic is, or what device it was taken with...so long as you have a picture to document for the day. I'm not exactly sure that I can keep up with daily pictures, but I will definitely try my best.

Below I have posted the photos that I have taken tonight! Sweet Dreams Readers!

Picture 098_edited-2
This place has been here for years...I love it
Picture 075_edited-1
Picture 082_edited-1
I was amazed that these ponies came right to me
Picture 088_edited-1
Picture 095_edited-1


Jessica said...

Love. love. love the 2nd Barn picture! The color is great and very vintage. Love it.

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