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Bryana's 1st Birthday

I had the honor of shooting the cutest little girl for her 1st birthday. Bryana has to be one of the most adorable babies I have ever seen. The shoot was a lot of fun...complete with a a tutu and a smash cake. What a special way to bring in a 1st birthday. I hope to continue this tradition for the years to come! Have a look at the photo shoot and I hope you all enjoy the pics just as much as I do!

Happy 1st Birthday

Happy Ballerina

What chu talkin bout Willis
This face was priceless "What chu talkin bout Willis" lol


Bryana collage Cake makes one thirsty

Tutu Terrific

Bryana Birthday Collage


Johnna said...


I just noticed you changed you logo...lovin it.

Erika said...

The tutu is to cute!!!! In the black and whites where you can't see the colors of the tutu she looks like a little flower fairy.
These are precious!!!

Jennifer Casteel said...

Beautiful photos Renee!!! So are you going to come take pictures of Lilly's 2nd birthday in a couple weeks??? :-) Don't have anything official planned yet, but I need you there! You're amazing...

Sherrell said...

Breathtaking. I really enjoy looking at your pics. Just breathtaking.

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