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Fall Festivities

There is no better way to bring in the fall season than that of a fair. We attended the Gwinnett County Fair this past weekend and had a blast. I hadn't been to a fair since I was probably in middle school or younger, so it was fun to go back and be a kid again. From the ferris wheel to funnel cakes we engaged in it all!

Me and the hubs at the fair

The swings

Emily and Andrew

No fair is complete without funnel cakes!!

Ferris Wheel in motion

My husband thinks he's cool

View of the park from the ferris wheel

Emily didn't take too well to the ferris wheel lol (Andrew and Emily)

Em about had a panic attack. lol

We loved every minute of it though

They did too, BEFORE the ride started moving

I'm definitely going to make this a yearly tradition!


April said...

Loved the ferris wheel and the upshot of the swing with everyone's legs. Creative!

nay_nay84 said...

Thanks so much April!

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