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Why I Love Tuesdays!

Any music or movie lover can certainly appreciate why I love Tuesdays. It's movie and music release day! Today was a big one for me! GLEE Season 1 Volume 2 came out today and Trey Songz (my 2nd husband) released his Passion, Pain, and Pleasure CD today! I love the show GLEE and plan on having a mini marathon every evening until the launch of season 2 starts in ONE WEEK! It was kind of a fluke that I began to watch this show just 2 months ago. I had always heard of people say that GLEE was their favorite show...but for almost a year I never could sit myself down to watch it. Then.....this past July I decided to see what all the hype was about. And sure enough...it sucked me right in. So much so that I bought Volume 1 in CANADA and watched it in it's entirety. I couldn't wait for Volume 2 to come out. The songs are so catchy and the storyline is really good. I would highly recommend this show for any guy or girl!

Now for Trey Songz. I admit....Ihave only bought a few of his songs on iTunes and had never bought a CD of his until "I'm Ready" came out last year. Let me tell you....I fell in love! I plan to go back and get his other CD's soon. I think that "Trey Day" is one of my favorites. With that said, I knew that I was going to purchase Passion, Pain, and Pleasure on the release date. I just went to his concert last month and I swear if I wasn't married love him very much! LOL

These are my two recommendations. Some must haves. Go out to the stores and get your copies. You won't be disappointed! Happy Tuesday Shoppers!

Terrific Tuesdays!


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