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Tis the Season....for Starbucks

Yeah I admit....I'm no big coffee drinker. I just like the cup because it looks cool. Isn't that why people go to Starbucks anyways? To buy overpriced coffee in a cool cup and to sample the pastries? Is Starbucks good though? Indeed. I love my frappuccino's in the summer, but in the winter you will mostly find hot chocolate in my cup. Either that or the cheap, yet tasty hot beverages from my local QuickTrip gas station (My wallet thanks QuickTrip in advance for its cheap but great coffee).

Anyways, my new fad for the winter is drink White Hot Chocolate! It's heaven in a cup I tell ya! I prefer Dunkin' Donuts to be honest, but I had to try Starbucks to see if I was missing anything (which I clearly wasn't). I had to make the overpriced $4 hot beverage worth my dollars, so I decided to have a photo shoot with my Starbucks cup being the star. It was actually a lot of fun and I love Starbucks' Christmassy cups!

Happy Holidays!

Tis the Season for....Starbucks

What's your Starbucks winter beverage of choice? I need to try some more!


Anonymous said...

I Love The Chai Tea Latte' With Vanilla~

Anonymous said...

What the person said above...the chai lattes are the best hot or cold!

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