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Mobile Snaps 2011: Week 1

Today is a snow day here in Georgia. Probably the worst of snow storms in the 14 years (as of tomorrow) of living here. But I can't complain. I feel better knowing that my husband and I are safe inside the house, rather than being in the streets in the hands of danger.

One of my goals this year has been to take more photos, whether it be my camera or my camera phone. I have a collection of photos that I have taken since the start of the year and from time to time, I will share these wacky images with you. It's a little personal piece of my life, that shows parts of the mini adventures that I partake in on a daily basis.

I hope that you guys are keeping safe and warm from the snow and madness. I have an idea for a snow shoot today...we will see if I am able to bare the cold and do it. I really hope so!

Have a great day kids!



Me being silly and playing around before we go to dinner

Remember that this is taken with my Android phone...so forgive the white spots lol

The hubby 
The hubby

Me and Walt
Me and the hubby

Bath time!
Bubble Bath

Bonefish Grill for the hubbies birthday dinner. It was our first time there and we loved it!
Bonefish Grill

The Bang Bang Shrimp is a must have!
Bang Bang Shrimp

I love candle light dinners....even if the candle is fake =(
Candle Light Dinner

Chocolate Raspberry Brownie anyone? Yes Please!
Chocolate Raspberry Brownie

The start of the Georgia snow 1/9/2011
Snowy Night

It's beautiful isn't it?
Snow Bushes

Morning Snow
Georgia Snow Day

Snow prints
Snow Prints

Sushi from our favorite spot: Samurai Blue
Sushi via Android phone

Kampai Japanese Restaurant...yes we cheated on our main sushi spot...it was good...but not better or cheaper than Samurai Blue!!

Random decoration in Kampai. What can I say...we LOVE sushi!
Chinese Lanterns

Raspberry mocha coffee from IHOP. Yum!
Coffee anyone?

I hope to make this a weekly thing and post many pics from my adventures! It's a great way to document things in life when they are spur of the moment!


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Jessica said...

Love all the pictures! I can't believe all of the winter weather Atlanta has! It's worse than Denver! And Bonefish...YUM! I think we had the Bang Bang Shrimp...it is an appetizer if I remember correctly (which is debatable)?

I've yet to determine if there is a Bonefish in CO...

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