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Yay!! My Epiphanie Bag!!

As most of you know....I'd been sick the past few days and after sleeping for a VERY long time today....I am finally feeling much better! A big thanks to the hubby for taking care of me. I won't mention how he tried to feed me tomato paste last night though. Actually it was supposed to be tomato soup, but he didn't know he was supposed to add the one can of soup. **blank stare** What can you do though right? He is still the best!

Yesterday I received my Epiphanie camera bag in the mail. I'd been dreaming about this bag for months now and finally decided to treat myself to it. The camera bag I used before this one was a sling and it was really small. I couldn't fit much at all in the bag.....like my camera and 2 lenses. It was just hard to get in and out of and I couldn't carry the things I wanted in it.

I needed something that I could carry everyday. Something that would allow me to carry my camera at all times, along with my lenses, phone, wallet, and even my macbook. This epiphanie clover bag allows me to do all of that and more. I had totally forgot (due to being sick) that my laptop could fit in there. I got even more excited. This bag is the solution to my camera bag problems AND it's super cute. I tell ya what, camera bags have come a loooooooooooooog way. Trust me! I look forward to using my new purchase and carrying it around as I travel this year!

If you're in the market for a camera bag, I highly recommend epiphanie! The delivery was super fast, and the customer service was phenomenal. I even received a card with my name on it. It was awesome to be able to open the package and find that.

Yay for epiphanie!!



(P.S.- the pictures look cut off or off center....but it's actually the blog layout! Wish I knew how to widen it *sigh*)

Wasn't the personalized card a cute touch?

The quote describes life for me...
I know....I'm such a tease!
Finally...here she is!!
I love the detail
My new baby...I'm in love with the color!
I think the braided straps is what sold me on this bag

I hope you guys love this bag as much as I do!!


Belinda Love said...

Now I want one!!!! :)

Candee said...

ooh i lovelove that color!! great post, now i want one ;)

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