Welcome to my blog!!! This is a place where I will share, my hopes, dreams, and visions with you! Photography is my passion and I want to give you a first hand look at why I love doing this so much. Thanks for visiting! XOXO Renée

Finding Me

Photography has always been something that I enjoyed doing, and when you are passionate about something like that, why not make it more than just a hobby? In order to be truly successful at something you have to be willing to put a lot of time and effort into it. Why do something that you don't enjoy?

I finally decided to take this photography thing more seriously and eventually plan to make it a career. I've been inspired by so many photographers and most of all my wedding. Through researching wedding and engagement photos I found out a lot about myself. I was more passionate about photography than I could ever even imagine. I know that there are many stories to be told through my camera. I plan on capturing each story, one click at a time, and making these memories last forever.

People inspire me, life inspires me, love inspires me. This is what I want to do for the rest of my life!

One place that I have been inspires many peoples lives and is considered a place where the air is filled with love. That place is Paireeeee also known as Paris. LOL

See I told you Paris inspires love. I guess its a European thing to be free and express love the way it should be expressed. My inspiration comes from these people and the fact that they are not ashamed to tell their story to the world. My hope is to bring you the same type of inspiration to you through my blog! <3


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