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Shoot Sac-Photographer Heaven in a Bag!

This is an item I have come to fall in love with. A photographers dream. Its called a Shoot Sac created by Jessica Claire. The shoot sac makes life that much easier. You can store a few of your lenses and flashes in it and whip them out in an instant. It eliminates having to lug a heavy bag around and you never have to miss that shot trying to scramble for a different lens.

Th best part is that the Shoot Sac comes with interchangeable designer fabric covers. So you can create your own person style. Could the Shoot Sac possibly make life any easier??? Definitely an item that needs to be on every photographers "Must Have List".


Shauna Veasey said...

Renee... I have got to have one!! I just added this to my blog wishlist. These are such a great find, thanks for sharing :)

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