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Adventures in Rain Boots

Rain Boots

Today I decided to test the waters so to speak. I got rain boots for my birthday (Yes. I'm 26 and own rain boots!!) It's a Charleston thing. I went to the College of Charleston and rain boots are a big ordeal there. The city of Charleston often gets flooded and not only is it a fashion statement, it’s a necessity. Only problem is that I got mine 3 1/2 years too late. Who cares...I love em. Even though it wasn't raining today, I decided to drag my fiancé into the woods and go on a little adventure. He loves me for these special moments. He especially loved me for the invisible spider web he walked into and I loved him even more for wacking me in the face with a tree branch. I think my nose has permanent damage. Is that a good excuse for plastic surgery? We spent some quiet time enjoying the scenery and the sounds of nature. It was so serene. I could have pulled out a tent and stayed there all night.

Picture 443
Love the way water looks on camera..its the pisces in me
Picture 451
Serene don't you agree?
Picture 465
Knee deep in it lol
Picture 477
I can easily entertain myself
Picture 484
This is one of my favs from the day
Picture 534
Picture 541
Taking it all in..
Picture 489
He's so easy to photograph <3
Nature brings something out of you. It's a beautiful place to be and you can appreciate your simple surroundings. I love moments like this. Moments that you wish could last forever. This spot is very special to us. It's the same place we shot our engagement shots, so it does have meaning. It will always be "our" special spot for those times that we want to just escape the rest of the world. I know I will sleep well tonight because I live for moments like these.....Sweet Dreams ALL. <3


Shauna Veasey said...

You're so cute! I love how your personality comes out through your writing. The pix are super!! Keep them coming :)

nay_nay84 said...

Thanks Shauna! GOod luck with your shoots tomorrow! I can't wait to see the pics.

Johnna said...

wow these pics are BEAUTIFUL! may i ask where this place is!?

nay_nay84 said...

Thanks Johnna! Its a place called Freeman's Mill Park here in Gwinnett about 5 mins from my house. It just opened a couple months ago. I love shooting here!


I love how you got the rain boots 3 years later ;) Ive been toying with the idea too. Great pics! Walt is so photogenic

nay_nay84 said...

Thanks Jess! He is photogenic. I wish he would let me shoot him more! Walt just said "You have to come do his makeup" lol BTW I want JaLynn's Hello Kitty rain boots =)

Toya said...

I LOVE rain boots. I have some purple plaid ones! I found an excuse to buy them when we got all that rain last year.

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