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Ladies Night Out (or In rather)

As many of you know, I was out sick for most of last week. This cold was kicking my butt, but I am getting better and back in action. So many exciting things happened over the weekend. My wedding dress had finally come in and I was able to view it and try it on. I've lost 17 lbs since I ordered it last October and it will have to be taken in a few inches. Can't say that I'm upset about that! LOL. I have exactly 29 days until I go in again and get the dress fitted. I hope to lose another 10 lbs. Wish me luck!!!!

Saturday was yet another exciting day. A couple times a year my close friends and I have an event called Ladies Night Out (also referred to as LNO). With LNO we usually set a date and all of us ladies (across the state of Georgia) get together on that night and have a good time. This particular weekend we got the girls together for LNO, but this one was extra special. It was our first LNO-Sleepover Edition. Yes that's right. You heard me correctly. We had a SLEEPOVER!! A bunch of grown women having a wonderful time as if we were 10 all over again.

We played a little American Idol Karaoke and I think that was the highlight of my night. Simon Cowell was a trip. He told Karean that her singing was comparable to 3 days in bed with the flu and even told Sher that he hated her (No seriously, he did). After a few rounds of that, we brought out the question box. We had a box full of questions that the ladies and I filled out anonymously. We had a relationship panel that consisted of, Kameil, Felida, Monya, and myself. Everyone was involved in giving answers and we all got some great feedback on our questions.

What better time could you ask for than to have your best gals, good food, and quality time? Below are some of the pictures from our fun night! Enjoy!

Picture 053
The beautiful spread of food
Picture 054
Doesn't this fruit just make your mouth water?
Picture 055
Can't have a party without some wings
Picture 057
The turkey wraps were delicious
Picture 062
Dig in!
Picture 059
The sisters: Sher and Felida
Picture 067
Jamaica and Dimples (Mikkisha and LaToya)
Picture 081
Jen and Karean
Picture 080
Karaoke competition
Picture 085
The Relationship Panel
Picture 090
Sher with the Question Box
Picture 058
KP filling out her questions

Good times to be had all the way around!

We had a blast and I can't wait to do it all over again.


Jessica said...

Looks like you guys had a blast! Next time I will have to join the party!

nay_nay84 said...

LOL...Most def!! You should!

Anonymous said...

Kameil had on the snuggie on the picture!

KP said...

Jaime and I look like we are dying laughing.

nay_nay84 said...

Yes...we definitely had a great time!! Can't wait till Charleston!

LT said...

Great pics! You captured the best of the best moments. Looking at that food just made me hungry!

IUHS said...

Where's my pics??!! I've been left out!! Lol! We must make this an annual event! Had a blast!

Yormica said...

IUHS is Yormica! Didn't know it wouldn't show my name! Lol!

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