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I Heart Faces Week 13 Challenge: Dramatic B&W

This is a week where I could go crazy with my editing. One thing I hate is an over-processed photo...but this week gave me the room to do so. One thing I love is DRAMA a dramatic picture. There is so much you can do with them. I went to town. I had the opportunity to freeze my butt off photograph my little cousins soccer game this weekend and we had a ball. I was surprised at how well Kai could manuever the field considering that he had just scarfed down half a cheeseburger at half time. Forget oranges....this kid wanted grease. But like I've said before, Kai is my little rebel. It wouldn't quite be him if he ate and did the things normal kids do at soccer games. Each time that I am with this kid, I am more and more impressed with his ability to do things. He really is a star in the making, but that comes with the territory. His athletic older cousin (ME!!!) deserves all the credit. =)

Here is my dramatic black and white:

Dramatic B&W


CJ said...


Fiona said...

Great photo!

Margo said...

that is really different I like it very much! Cheers Margo

Karilee said...

Interesting photo effect, very cool!

Shauna Veasey said...

Love it Renee. The shadows are really cool. Editing is tooo much fun!

elizabeth said...

love the editing! Cool action shot Renee!

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