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I FINALLY had the opportunity to shoot my fiancé the other night and boy did that take some effort. He is so good on camera (and yes I am biased lol), that I have been dying to shoot him. I got the inspiration from some old record albums that I bought for our engagement shoot. I love shooting all things vintage but added my own modern twist to it. This shoot experiment only lasted about 10 mins, but I was able to pull out some really great shots. While editing tonight, I got very excited. The ideas were just bursting out of me. I know I'll get a good nights sleep tonight. I'm looking forward to shooting more of him in the near future!!

Picture 006-edit

Picture 023-edit

Picture 027-edit


Picture 011-edit

Picture 007-edit


Colleen said...

I LOVE these Renee. And I agree, Walt is very photogenic. My favorite is the first one.

Johnna said...

wow your photography is truly getting better everyday. i love the vintage and modern mix. The cool part is you used a nice chair...but a nature background...goes very well together.

Toya said...

These are fabulous! Love the first one, it looks so vintage!

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