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Bridal Shower Bonanza

I can't believe that May 22 is almost here. It's 37 days away, but who's counting? Certainly not me!! =) Just like the days, my bridal shower approached at lightening speed. What a beautiful occasion it was. It was the most beautiful bridal shower I had evern seen. And no, I'm not being biased....my Aunt Norma told me so! I can't take credit for anything though. The master mind behind this function was my maid of honor Karean with the help of my Aunt Heather and Yasmine. When Karean throws a party, she really goes all out and in a few you will see just what I'm talking about.

Not only was the party wonderful, but I had friends and family (and friends that are more like family) travel near and far for my special day. It means a lot that people traveled from Toronto, Canada, Buffalo, N.Y., and Spartanburg, SC just to be with me. The bridal shower was more special than anyone could ever know. Being that they couldn't make it to my destination wedding in Punta Cana, they made the extra effort to come to my shower. I don't think God could have blessed me with a better set of friends and family. There were so many people that I met through different periods of my life. I wasn't quite sure how they would all mingle and get along with each other but it was a piece of cake. Everyone got a long so well. I think it was the most successful estrogen fest to date.

It was hard to choose just a few pictures, so I posted a lot of them. I hope you enjoy these pics as much as I enjoyed my day with these special people.


Picture 071
Beautiful center pieces that Karean created
Picture 039
Bellini glasses.....we had peach and strawberry...YUM!
Picture 013
My cake..that resembled the bridal shower invite and the red velvet and strawberry cupcakes
Picture 217
Looks yummy doesn't it? Too bad I didn't get to taste it because mine fell onto the sidewalk! =(
Picture 061
White chocolate fountain was a big hit
Picture 091
Guest sign in table
Picture 034
My god sister Kisha
Picture 077
2 of my hostesses...Karean and Yasmine
Picture 118
Good times were had by all
Picture 159
Lots of prizes to be won (Good gifts too LOL)
Picture 106
Bellini's...cheers from the Canadians
Picture 108
My LNO ladies
Picture 141
Good laughs=Good times
Picture 189
Create a veil game. Can you tell Colleen was having fun?
Picture 187
Team 2 and their veil
Picture 155
Let me explain this picture. This is the "How well do you know your man" game. There are 20 questions and for each one that I got wrong...I had to chew a piece of double bubble. 12 out of 20 isnt too bad (and I got the 3 bonus questions right on top of that =D) but 8 pieces of gum is not so fun to chew. It was rather disgusting actually.
Picture 161-edit

LOOK at that wad of gum! Ewwwwwwww
Picture 236
I was blessed with so many gifts from my generous friends and family. We got all that we wanted!
Picture 278
Me with my mom and lovely hostess Karean
Picture 256-edit
Closing the night with my thank you speech where I cried like a freakin baby (PATHETIC, but hey I'm a Pisces. What can I do?)
Picture 272
All my wonderful ladies!!!!

Thanks to everyone who participated in making my day special...to the people who came and those who sent gifts in their absence, I appreciate each and every one of ya'll. Now where is my tissue?


KP said...

Love the pics. Are you going to create a book for all of your wedding moments?

Toya said...

Awesome pics!

Johnna said...

love it! you look so happy! :]

Sarah said...

The picture of the two ladies laughing makes me smile! I love those real life moments captured!

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