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Senior Prom Shoot

I think everyone remembers their prom whether it was good or bad. I, after 8 years....still have my dress. I think that I am hoping that I will be able to fit in it again one day....but I won't hold my breath on that one. It's prom season and I was inspired to do something outside the norm. I think most of us spend money on these dresses for ourselves or our daughters and we NEVER get the opportunity to wear them again. There goes hundreds of dollars down the drain.

When I envisioned this shoot, I already had two special girls in mind. I am good friends with their families and I knew they would love to come have some fun with me. I knew the girls would be good at this so called modeling thing....but I truly had no idea just how good they would be. Mikaila and Yazmine are so talented
at modeling it ultimately blew me away! I can tell you one thing...when you have subjects that know what they're doing....it makes the job of a photographer that much easier. Below are the pictures that I captured from today's shoot. YES TODAY!!! I was that excited that I had to rush home to publish these photos.

I hope you guys enjoy these just as much as I did! Aren't they beautiful???

Picture 032-edit
Meet Mikaila
Picture 078
and Ms. Yazmine
Picture 325
Natural beauties
Picture 159

Couldn't ask for better models!!!

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Shauna Veasey said...

Renee, these girls are beautiful. You did such an amazing job with this shoot. Composition and post production is truly fabulous. Love what you're doing girl. Keep up the good work ;)

Kayleen said...

These are gorgeous!

Kayleen @ photosbykayleen.blogspot.com

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