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Mrs. Fix It

My new favorite website is Pioneer Woman. She has some great teaching tools for photographers on her website. One segment that I took interest in was the Before and After Shots. Have you ever taken a picture and your subject looked like perfection, but there was an object in the background that ultimately ruined your picture? I have had that happen several times in the past before my knowledge of editing software. I would often times try and crop the picture to cut the object out or just simply let the picture go to waste. I know I can't possibly be the ONLY person with this problem. Lol. Another great inspiration of before and after shots is my friend Elizabeth Weitz of Elizabeth Ann Photography. Check her out!

Here is my first try at a before and after. The star of this show is JaLynn Grace. Her mom had taken this photo on a recent snow day. Isn't she just adorable? The car in the background annoyed the life out of me, so I thought I would put my Mrs. Fix It touch to her photo...and Whallah! Here you have the finished product!

Original JaLynn


Mrs. Fix-It

What do you guys think?

I'm thinking of doing more Mrs. Fix It segments in the future. It's a ton of fun. If any of my readers have photos that they would like to submit for a makeover please email your photos to reneefrancisphoto@gmail.com I will glad edit them and feature them on my blog. I love a good challenge!



Who knew my little booger would be so cute :) Great work Renee! Now I'll change the picture to the one without the car! lol. Love it, thanks!

Ps. JaLynn loves it too

Johnna Davis said...

im IMPRESSED Mrs. Fix It ! it actually looks like the car was never in the photo.

kfrancis said...

Wow, I love it! The colors are so vibrant, love the way the sky and the color of her coat pops. JaLynn is adorable!!

elizabeth said...

LOVE the colors...so warm...great edit!

Rubynunu88 said...

I absolutely love it... Ive been playing aroung with an editing site myself... Photoshop.com (cause im too cheap to buy it ) and its pretty cool... im gna send you a picture of my nieces and let you have at it :)

Shauna Veasey said...


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