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Happy 5th Birthday Kai

Birthday parties are more creative nowadays than my young days spent at Chuck E. Cheese’s surrounded by big hairy mice that will give you nightmares for weeks. LOL. The youngest member of our family turned 5 this past week. We celebrated his birthday at Rancho Alegre. It's an awesome farm located in Dacula, GA. This place was filled with a petting zoo, hay rides, great people, and most importantly CAKE!!! The kids had a great time at the ranch and I have posted a few pictures of the days events.

Happy Birthday Kai
The Birthday Boy
Blooming Flowers
Lets get it
Sack Races
Sack Race
and they're off...
Horse Shoe
good ol game of horse shoes
Birthday Boy
Ride 'em cowboy
Gift bags
Trail Mix Treats
Hay ride here we go
Wagon Ride
This cowboy is saddled up and ready to go
Hee Haw
In the petting zoo with the donkeys
Horse sense
Feeding the horses
Let's eat cake
Let them eat cake and be merry
Pretty girl
Pure sweetness

What a wonderful day we had on the ranch. Happy 5th Birthday Kai Reece!! I love you!


elizabeth said...

What an awesome Mom you are! Beautiful pics of a super awesome birthday...great, now my princess theme party is looking lame...how can you top a petting zoo. ;p

nay_nay84 said...

I wish I could take credit for these lovely kids, but the are actually my cousins. I'm fortunate to be able to be a big part of their lives. My Aunt and Uncle have done a wonderful job. Lol. My aunt is actually in the business of throwing parties and has gotten quite good at it. She will throw ALL my future children's parties for sure. Lol

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