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I Heart Faces Week 22 Challenge: Barefoot Week

As many of you know....I have been MIA the past two weeks because I was away in the Dominican getting MARRIED. Yes!!! I officially have the right to use the last name HICKS lol. During my time in the D.R., I was very inspired by the people there. Many times we take for granted the life we have, but we truly are SO blessed. This week was the perfect challenge for me. I Heart Faces is celebrating the wonderful charity Soul 4 Souls. It's a Nashville charity that that collects shoes from footwear companies and people like us and then they distributes these shoes for free to people in need. Check out their website to see how you can help.

In honor of the Barefoot Week Challenge, I took the perfect picture while in the Dominican. It truly speaks for itself. This child in particular holds a special place in my heart.

Dominican Republic

Let's appreciate the things and people we have in our lives, make every second count, and continue to do good deeds for the less fortunate. Do what you can to make a difference. There are so many things we can do to help.




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