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I Heart Faces Week 19 Challenge: Celebrating Mom

This weeks I Heart Faces Challenge is Celebrating Moms. In my mind I already had a picture that I thought was perfect for the challenge! I couldn't think of a better Picture than my friend Colleen and her youngest son Bennett! The picture says it all. He is adorable and you can just see the love that she has for her children.

Celebrating Moms

This photo is an oldie, but goodie. Too see more of the Nieto Family, visit my Facebook Fan Page!!

Happy Monday all!!


Johnna said...

love this photo. great choice. Bennett looks like such a happy baby!

Colleen said...

Thank you so very much Renee! It means so much to me to hear things like that and to have our picture chosen is an honor. You're the best.

beingzaraandzidan said...

What a lovely photo. Amazing! I like ur blog & I am definetly following u. Do visit me if u get a chance. & hope u do follow as its nice to make new mum blogger friends.

Marice said...

what a fun shot :)

u may view mine here

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