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Mi Familia: Canadian Edition

As I mentioned in a much earlier post, I am a Canadian! I've spent most of my life here in the U.S., but Canada is home. Surprisingly it's been 12 (YES T-W-E-L-V-E) years since I was last home and boy did it feel good to be back. The whole reason for the trip was to celebrate my grandmother's 70th birthday with a surprise party (let her tell it....she knew about it all along). LOL It was worth the trip just to see the smile on her face and see our family. As you will see in the pictures, my family had a ball. That's just one of the things that makes us so great! I'm looking forward to making this a yearly tradition and I am so glad that I was able to introduce my husband to the other half of my family. Till next time.......

My mom and hubby...we're getting ready to ride the Maid of the Mist

The hubby enjoying his first trip to the falls

The American Falls

Niagara Falls

Can't forget China

Shannon and her husband Arian

Me and my cousin Shannon...we look like twins right?

Yeah...I certainly know how to pick em'!

He loved riding the e-bike

Grandma just got surprised!! Debbie is showing her all of the guests that came..including her daughter and grandchildren that came all the way from Atlanta!

Shannon and the baby

Let them eat cake!

Life of the party

More birthday wishes

Christina, Uncle Clyde, and friends

Cousin Clyde and Uncle Eric

Uncle Eric

The men of our family in deep conversation

Uncle Ernie

The party gets a thumbs up

Happy Cousins!! lol

Aunt Evie enjoying the pool...SMILE lol

Aunt Elaine

Aunt Evie and Cousin Scott in the HEATED pool. It was awesome!


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How you doing cousin Clyde? lol. Just kidding....looks like yall had a blast. I want china she's so cute!

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