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My Bucket List

I was inspired by a friend to create a bucket list. What is a bucket list you ask? It's a list of things that I want to do before I die. I have never put thought into such a thing, but it's nice to have goals and places that I want to visit in life. I'm going to do a Top 15 for starters. As time goes on, I will revisit this list and revise it. I'll be adding more items as the pop in my head and crossing things off as I complete them.

Here goes nothing:

  1. Travel to Africa
  2. Travel to Australia
  3. Travel to Alaska
  4. Be a mother
  5. Visit Las Vegas
  6. Sing Karaoke
  7. Ride in a hot air balloon
  8. Be on a reality television show
  9. Take some culinary classes
  10. Open my own studio
  11. Learn how to sew
  12. Model (I'd like to be one the other side of the camera for once)
  13. Be on the radio
  14. Snow ski
  15. Live in California
Wow! That Top 15 list was very hard to get through. I'm glad that I did it. It made me realize that there are some things in life that I enjoy more that I ever thought. I'm going to sit back on this ride called life and enjoy every minute of it. I recommend creating a wish list and putting it in writing. It will be a nice little something to go back and look at from time to tome, to see what all you have accomplished!

Good luck with you list!

Because a post would be boring without a picture (and picture 4 of my 366 project)...Here is a sneak peek of my senior session from tonight! Mimi was a rockstar. More to come later this weekend!

Road Rage



redd said...

great bucket sis & I'm glad that I inspired you. we both have a lot to shoot for & just like u promised to help me knock some things off I will so the same....starting with karokee at disney :-) luv ya!

Kindle said...

Great list! Everything sounds within reach. I love the live in California one. You would love it out here!

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