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{The Higgins} One Year Anniversary | Duluth Photographer

I've known the Higgins for quite some time now and was honored when Yamileh asked me to do their one year anniversary shoot. Being that I'm a newlywed myself, I couldn't think of a better way to bring in the celebration of one year.

The best thing about the Higgins is that they are so laid back, happy, and lots of fun. I don't think I have ever laughed so hard at a shoot before, but I guess that's the benefit of having friends become clients. Most of you know that I am only 8 months deep into this photography thing and when I received the text about capturing this special occasion, I never felt better. Yamileh and Antonio are a couple that many can look up to and learn from. They've learned to put God first in their relationship and because of that they have grown into admirable human beings.

Toni and Yamz (as I call them) I am proud of all that you have accomplished in the past year and wish you much success and happiness in the years to come. I admire who you guys are and the fact that you have always remained the same lovable, kind-hearted people year after year. Continue to put God first in everything and you will be well on your way to receiving the blessings he has in store for you.

Happy 1st Anniversary to the Higgins!!! I love you both! Thank you for letting me be a part of your special day! xoxo



Damaris Mia said...

These are beautiful! What a great looking couple! Nice job, Renee!

SarahinSC said...

Wow! Amazingly beautiful pictures!

Jin said...

FLAWLESS.....Cute couple!

P.s.- I <3 her hair!

Deborah said...

Amazing pictures with a loving couple

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