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{Crystal & Bruce} E-session | Atlantic Station Photographer

First off I just to say that I had such an exciting time shooting Crystal and Bruce in Atlantic Station. I have always wanted to shoot there and I was not displeased with the location at all. I think I have a new favorite spot!!!

This couple is in fact very special to me! Why, you ask? Because I introduced them!! =)

Crystal and I go waaaaaaaaaaay back to the 7th grade (I won't tell you when that was...but it was quite some time ago)!! We've played sports together through the years and I consider her to be like a sister. Okay...enough rambling. Like I said before I introduced these two to one another. I was first introduced to Bruce on the Black Softball Circuit during the Co-ed Worlds in Aiken, South Carolina. He was might teammate and I was very impressed with his skills. A week or so later, Bruce asked me to play with him in a local Co-ed tournament here in Atlanta. I was just getting back into softball since my college days and really wanted to play....so I accepted. Closer to the weekend, Bruce was short on girls and needed some to fill the roster. He asked me if I knew anyone and the first two people to come to my mind were Crystal and her baby sister Chrisette. They agreed to play and from then on it was history between Crystal and Bruce. I played match maker and didn't even know it at the time. Two years later...here we are at their engagement session and quickly approaching their wedding in March of next year.

Crystal and Bruce, God made a perfect match when he put the two of you together. Wishing you the best of luck in the future and I look forward to capturing your wedding day!



P.S.- My finger is still black and blue from dropping a cement bench on it.....boy oh boy!!! The things we will do for love (of photography that is).

By far my favorite from the set!!

This was a hard shot to take, because the platform was super teeny and I was standing on the very edge, but I love the end result!!

I loved this picture simple because it's different from anything that I have done before.

Atlantic Station has become my new favorite spot to shoot.

Side by side

I love the expression on Bruce's face LOL

This picture is so peaceful

He likes what he sees!!

I love candid shots!

Who doesn't love this? Second fav!!

This shot reminds me of being overseas or something...

And because we are all connected through softball....

Just Do It...like get married already...



redd said...

Love the pics and as always beautiful work sis!!!

Jin said...

I love them all! cute couple


sweet shots! adorable fun looking couple

nay_nay84 said...

Thanks so much ladies!!

Saadia Me*Chel said...

I also enjoy shooting at Atlantic Station. I did a portrait session in that general area on Saturday. There is a lot of variety down there which is good for getting a wide range of shots.

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