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Digging Deep in the Closet

Well......I really wanted to blog tonight, but I wasn't exactly sure what I wanted to write about. There are so many thoughts running through my mind, I have no idea where to even start. It's been a crazy past couple of days....

I'm one to keep it real with you guys, so why stop now? Most of ya'll really only hear me talk about my mom. The reason being is because she is my rock. She held down a single parent household and raised me to be the woman you guys see today (insert halo here). Lol.

Any who my mom had finally returned home from her trip to Canada and I couldn't be happier to have her back here in the states. I missed her tons. While she was in Canada, she spent time with her old friends and a ton of our family. The pictures made me wish I had been there for many reasons.

This will be the first time I mention this on the blog....but she also ran into my dad....

To give you a little of my history with him, my dad and I have had an off and on relationship since I can remember. And when I say off and on....I mean like..10 years off...3 months on and so on. I hold no grudges towards him or anyone for that matter. I love life and just thank God each and every day for the people who are in it.

Well.....2 days ago....he called me. SAY WHAT? Yeah, that's exactly what I said. The last time I talked to him was 5 years ago. Can I explain why we don't talk? No.....I can tell you it's NOT because he doesn't love me, or that we dislike each other, it was because we simply grew apart from one another. I'm not trying to make excuses, but we'd become accustomed to living separate lives without each other and unfortunately we were content with that. My mom and other family members did a great job of filling his shoes and making me feel very loved over the past 26 years, so I never felt like I was missing something.

After playing phone tag for a couple of days, we finally talked today. I was nervous at first, but we picked up like we had never skipped a beat. It's amazing to see how much of him exists in me even without being around him for the majority of my life. What exactly do I mean? My artistic side. My love for music, photography, and all things fine art. That my friend, comes from my dad. It's funny because 75% of our conversation was about electronics and all the gadgets that we each have.

So where do I stand now? Like I said earlier, I hold no grudges with anyone. I love my life and what it is. I've decided to take things day by day and see where it takes me. I'll be happy with whatever outcome God gives me and I am thankful that I got to talk to my dad (that sounds so weird to say..lol).

This is a new year and so far it's been an awesome start as you can see. I appreciate you all letting me get personal with you. I feel that in order for you to really know how I became who I am today, you have to know my past as well.

Now to lighten the mood a little. What is a post without pictures? BORING...that's what it is. Here are a couple of shots of my husband in the snow that were shot on the day after Christmas. I'll talk more about him in a blog later this week! It's his 25th birthday Sunday and I have something up my sleeve!! Hehehe

Oh yeah.....I apologize for making this my longest 80th blog post ever...(but I hope it was at least interesting)

Happy Hump Day!



Snow Man

Snow Thoughts


Damaris Mia said...

Love that you were honest and so transparent :) Those are some nice pictures you took of your hubby! Can't wait to hear what you have up your sleeve :)

Walt said...

Great post!!!! I was caught off guard a little bit by this one. Great post nonetheless. Never forget that your past makes your present but never dictates your future.... :-)

Alex said...

Loving the honesty! I love the way that you seem to approach life, and love that even though you and your dad drifted apart you were okay with that and had no hard feelings. It's very mature of you. Also, I think it's great that he decided to call you and you guys finally got to talk, do you think you'll speak to him again soon? Keep up the awesome attitude!!

Jin said...

wow, sounds like you had a heck of a day! I can't imagine being in your shoes, I would be so nervous. Anyhow, awesome post!

nay_nay84 said...

Thanks so much ladies and gents!!

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