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Mmmmmm...Guacamole mole mole mole

Ok......yes I have watched Austin Powers one too many times and apparently you have too if you got the joke in the title of this blog. I had the opportunity to meet a local photographer named Matthew Wong via Facebook. Not only does he love taking pictures as I do....but he is also CANADIAN!! How cool is that? When I asked him what his specialty was he said "photographing food." That was perhaps the last answer I expected for him to say. Food? Really? But then I began to think about it. I love food...and good food at that. Why wouldn't I love to take pictures of the beautiful things I cook and eat? Food itself is an art form.We create, mix, blend, and whip up the perfect combination for the perfect meal. When serving our guests...presentation is key, which is where the art plays a part in food, so I can see why Matthew fell in love with it.

Since I bombed my Project 365, I've decided that there are other ways to challenge myself through my photography. I thought I would explore Matthew's great attitude toward food photography and see why he loves it so much. While I didn't cook the tasty guacamole below, it was still fun to photograph. The colors were absolutely amazing and did I mention it was tasty? LOL. This fresh handmade guacamole was made at Poblano's Mexican Restaurant. The hubby and I had a date there this past weekend and even HE who HATES guacamole (yes...like he absolutely HATES it), found himself indulging in this appetizer. (I think the cilantro and fresh lime juice got him) lol.

Here is the shot that I got. Bet you want some guac don't ya? Hehehe



Rubynunu88 said...

lol... Yeah that DOES look good!! Mmmmm

redd said...

That pic. needs to be on someone's menu right now....good job sis!!!

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