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Canadian Christmas ~ 2010

Well.....most of you know that I am Canadian (and if you didn't....well now you do). Anyways...some close friends of my family decided to throw a Canadian Christmas party to bring together all of their Canadian friends here in Georgia. Who knew that there were this many Canadians living just minutes from me.

It was a nice celebration filled with lots of love and laughter! We drank plenty of wine and ate some great food. Matter of fact....I'm still thinking about those stuffed mushrooms and the cheese dip. This is why I truly love holiday parties...not for the people, but for the food!! I'm totally kidding people!! My friends and family are pretty awesome too!

Towards the end of the night, I was able to capture some pictures of my dear little cousins! Sometimes they like to act camera shy, but I know the real deal! They love it when their big cousin Nay-nay whips out her camera at EVERY SINGLE EVENT!! What can I say? I LOVE what I do!

Here are a few shots of the boys that I wanted to share! And guess what? Christmas is less than a week away!! Whoooo hoo!!

Ok....enough babbling!! Back to my glass of Riesling and my Atlanta Falcons! Let's Go Dirty Birds!!

Here are the boys!! Kai likes to pretend that me and my camera are nonexistent! #FAIL
Keenan and Kaden (lots of K-names I know!)
At least Kaden appreciates me and my camera (Santa will be good to you next week kiddo *wink*)!!
Ok...so Kai is starting to warm up. He realized that Santa and his big cousin Nay have a bond like glue!! 
Mmmmmmm hmmmm...the power of SANTA!!!

I just love these kids! I hope everyone has a great week!! I'll be posting my lifestyle session in the next couple of days!!!



P.S.-Mom I miss you tons and I hope you are having a great time visiting our family and friends in Canada!!


Alex said...

Sounds like an awesome event! I know a few Canadians and they are all soooo nice :) Your cousins are so cute :) I love the last photo the most - adorable!

nay_nay84 said...

Thanks so much Alex!!

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